Chronology of the Armenian Genocide -- 1922

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April 7
Jemal Azmi, the governor-general of Trebizond during the massacres, and Behaeddin Shakir are assassinated in Berlin.
July 25
Jemal Pasha, the former Minister of the Marine and the Fifth Army commander in Syria, is assassinated in Tiflis (Tbilisi).
August 26
Anarchy spreads in Smyrna as Turkish Nationalist forces advance on the city.
September 9
The advance guard of the Turkish Nationalist forces enters Smyrna and pillages Armenian and Greek homes and stores. Armenians and Greeks are killed in the thousands. Religious institutions, including the Armenian Prelacy in Smyrna, are ransacked.
September 13
Turkish Nationalist forces oversee the burning of Smyrna. Within 24 hours, 50,000 houses, 24 churches, 28 schools, 5 consulates, 7 clubs, 5 banks, and an unknown number of stores and warehouses are destroyed.
November 20
The first Lausanne Conference is convened.

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