Chronology of the Armenian Genocide -- 1923

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February 4
The Lausanne Conference deadlocks over the Armenian Question.
April 23
The second Lausanne Conference is convened.
July 24
The Treaty of Lausanne is signed by Turkey and the Allies. The treaty makes no mention of Armenia or the Armenians. The new Turkish Nationalist state is extended international recognition. The Ottoman Empire ceases to exist.
August 23
The Turkish Nationalist congress, known as the Grand National Assembly, meeting in Ankara ratifies the Lausanne Treaty. The Allies begin to evacuate the following day from all places in Turkey that had been occupied in accordance with the terms of the Mudros Armistice of October 30, 1918.
October 29
The Republic of Turkey is proclaimed by the Turkish Grand National Assembly, with Mustafa Kemal as its president.

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