Memorials to the Armenian Genocide

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The Armenian Genocide Memorials Database provides information about memorials and monuments dedicated to the memory of the Armenian Genocide. The Armenian National Institute (ANI), to date, has identified 200 memorials in 32 countries. Many are documented with multiple images. The database is organized according to country and the memorials listed alphabetically according to their civic location. The database is a work in progress and ANI welcomes any additional information or digital images that viewers can provide to augment and improve the documentation on the memorials.

The Armenian Genocide Memorials Database was first created as part of a larger memorial database project funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, with assistance from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and Talin Ter-Grigorian as project coordinator. The memorials database was developed in tandem with the Legacy Project that documents the artistic legacy of genocide and trauma. Please see the Legacy Events Index for more on the Armenian Genocide.

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