Reflections on the role of Talaat Pasha in the Armenian Genocide, September 7, 1921

Aleppo, Syria, September 7, 1921.

Subject: Assassination of Talaat Pasha

The Honorable
The Secretary of State.


I have the honor to transmit herewith, in duplicate, a copy of an article appearing in "The Literary Digest for July 20, 1921", in reference to the assassination in Berlin, Germany, of Talaat Pasha, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, by Solomon Teilirian, an Armenian, relative of some of the million or more victims of the deportations in Turkey during the war.

The attention of the Department is respectfully drawn to the substance of the various telegraphic instructions from Talaat Pasha to the different Turkish officials, especially in Aleppo, the character of the said instructions being such as would indicate that few if any of the victims should have survived. But notwithstanding the severity thereof, 146,924 deported Armenians were found in Syria and Mesopotamia in 1919, as reported in my despatch No. 395 dated August 22, 1919 (File No. 349.1,) their existence being due principally to the activities of this Consulate.

I have the honor to be, Sir,
Your obedient servant,
(signed) Jesse Jackson

Copy of newspaper
article, in duplicate.

RG59, 860j.4016/84

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