Appeal from the Catholicos of the Armenian Church to protect Armenians, April 27, 1915

Telegram Sent.

Department of State, Washington

April 27, 1915, 7:00 P.M.

Am[erican]embassy, Constantinople.

Russian Ambassador has brought to our attention an appeal made by the Catholicos of the Armenian Church that this Government use its good offices with the Turkish Government to prevent the massacre of non-combatant Armenians in Turkish territory.

You will please bring the matter to the attention of the government, urging upon it the use of effective means for the protection of Armenians from violence at the hands of those of other religions.

The Russian Ambassador calls attention to the fact that there are many Mussulmans in Russian territory and that these enjoy immunity from religious persecution.

[William Jennings] Bryan

RG59, 867.4016/58a

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