By engaging experts across disciplines and promoting dialogue with groups sharing common concerns, ANI implements projects in six program areas:

1. Fundamental Research and Documentation
ANI develops databases on the historical evidence of the Armenian Genocide on the basis of new archival research and other documentation. The results of completed projects are posted on the ANI Web site.

2. Legal Research and Analysis
ANI identifies relevant legal and judicial precedents, rulings, and decisions as a record of the formal acknowledgment and condemnation of the Armenian Genocide.

3. Outreach
ANI interacts with the media, educational organizations, scholarly associations and research centers worldwide.

4. Education
ANI assists teachers and schools utilizing human rights and genocide curricula by providing instructional resources and training. ANI also develops new learning tools for use in educational settings.

5. Promotion of Scholarship
ANI supports the community of scholars at institutions of higher learning and encourages further specialized academic research in the field of Armenian Genocide studies.

6. Publications
ANI supports the publication of academic works, as well as instructional and informational materials, to promote greater awareness and understanding of the Armenian Genocide.