Organization and Governance

Board of Governors Academic Council Director

An eight-member Board of Governors serves as trustee of the Institute.

Members of the Board of Governors are:

Appointed by the Board of Governors is a six-member Academic Council, composed of individuals who have distinguished themselves in the fields relevant to the Institute's activity. The Academic Council advises ANI on program design and project implementation.

Members of the Academic Council are:

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Dr. Rouben P. Adalian is the Director of the Armenian National Institute. He is a specialist on the Caucasus and the Middle East, and has taught at a number of universities, including the Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University, the School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University, and the School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University. In 1993 he completed a project to document the Armenian Genocide in the United States National Archives. As a result Chadwyck-Healey Inc. published 37,000 pages of American evidence on microfiche. The accompanying 476-page Guide to the Armenian Genocide in the U.S. Archives 1915-1918 was issued in 1994. Adalian is the associate editor, and resource editor on the Armenian Genocide, of the award-winning Encyclopedia of Genocide (1999), and has contributed to a number of publications including Genocide in Our Time (1992), Genocide in the Twentieth Century (1995), Studies in Comparative Genocide (1999), Genocide: Essays Toward Understanding, Early-Warning, and Prevention (1999), Actualité du genocide des Arméniens (1999), America and the Armenian Genocide (2003) and The Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East (1996). His articles have also appeared in Journal of Genocide Research, Revue d’Histoire de la Shoah, and Journal of Armenian Studies. He is the author of From Humanism to Rationalism: Armenian Scholarship in the Nineteenth Century (1992), and Historical Dictionary of Armenia (2002, 2010), and editor of Armenia Factbook (1994) and Armenia and Karabagh Factbook 1996). He received a Ph.D. in history from the University of California, Los Angeles.