Egypt implicitly recognizes Armenian Genocide

February 18, 2019
Source: Egypt Today

CAIRO – 18 February 2019: In his speech at the 2019 Munich Security Conference, President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi stated that Egypt had hosted Armenians following the genocide against them 100 years ago by the Turkish ofthe Ottoman Empire.

"In Egypt, we have 5million refugees [registered and unregistered], who do not live in camps. They have been treated as we dealt with Armenians [refugees] 100 years ago, when Egypt hosted them after the genocide," Sisi said.

The Armenian genocide, or known as the Armenian holocaust (Meds Yeghern), is one of this world’s miseries faced by a whole race. The date April 24, 1915 when the massacre conventionally started is still remembered by millions of people. The massacre started with murdering and arresting 235 to 270 Armenian intellectuals and leaders when they thought of rebelling against the Turks.

Can one imagine the horror children, women and old men and women faced crossing the Syrian Desert during WWI? Out of 2 million Armenians, only half a million survived and moved in marches to the Syrian Desert. Rape, murder, robbery, and deprivation of foo

Siran Hartunian, a memberof the Armenian Community in Egypt, said that the Armenians in Egypt welcomed Sisi's comments on the genocide.

"Egypt's recognition of the Armenian massacres - as other countries did- will return the rights of 1.5 million martyrs killed by the Turks," she told "90 Minutes" talk show on Sunday.