August 22, 2007

As part of its ongoing commitment to promote the teaching of the Armenian Genocide, the Armenian National Institute (ANI) has contributed to an educational publication examining the subject of genocide from personal accounts and case studies, to commentaries and overviews.

ANI's Director Dr. Rouben Adalian contributed the chapter entitled "The Ottoman Government Committed Genocide Against the Armenians" for a book published by Greenhaven Press. The anthology titled "Genocide" is part of a Greenhaven's Contemporary Issues Companion series intended for high school students across the country.

The publication is ANI's latest effort to include the teaching of the Armenian Genocide in the public school curriculum. In 2005, ANI worked in cooperation with New Jersey education officials to include the Armenian Genocide as part of the statewide curriculum. Thanks to those efforts, the new curriculum now consists of a resource book on the Armenian Genocide developed by the Facing History and Ourselves Foundation (FHAO) entitled Crimes Against Humanity and Civilization: the Genocide of the Armenians, along with a guide to teachers prepared by the N.J. Commission on Holocaust Education.

ANI was founded in 1997, thanks to the foresight of Assembly Board of Trustees Chairman Hirair Hovnanian, in order to buttress existing research on the Armenian Genocide, and affirm this historical reality around the world. Over the past several years, Adalian has built an important research and information center that has supported not just the Assembly's tireless campaign for Armenian Genocide reaffirmation in the U.S., but it has also provided support to scholars, authors and public officials abroad.

Based in Washington DC, this non-profit organization is officially dedicated to the study, research, and affirmation of the Armenian Genocide. A forward-thinking institution, ANI keeps one eye on the past and another towards the future. Hence, it also plays an important role in responding to denial, as well as working to disseminate information that may help prevent future genocides.

Besides working closely with the Armenian Assembly, ANI also coordinates with other leading Armenian centers across the Diaspora and in Armenia. ANI's main activities include research, documentation and analysis, outreach and education programs, as well as publishing important documents and findings on the Armenian Genocide. By engaging cross-disciplinary experts and promoting dialogue with groups sharing common concerns, ANI provides an invaluable service to the Armenian and American communities.

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