April 15, 2004

Washington, DC -- The Armenian National Institute, continuing its longstanding service for public awareness of the Armenian Genocide, announced Thursday the launching of its expanded Web site ( incorporating new research, enhanced content and upgraded features.

ANI Director Dr. Rouben Adalian said increased interest in issues relating to the Armenian Genocide made the expansion and redesign inevitable.

"The mounting demands for information on the Armenian Genocide, the recent release of numerous publications significantly expanding our knowledge of the Armenian Genocide, and the tremendous flexibility offered through database formats to research and explore across the entire ANI Web site indicated that the time was right for seriously upgrading the widely-consulted ANI Web site," Adalian said.

A year in the making, the expanded Web site now holds a very rich assortment of information covering the spectrum of new research and new scholarship. Educators, researchers, students, and the general public can easily navigate the site and search for specific references or information.

ANI Academic Council chairman Professor Christopher Simpson, who oversaw the redesign of the ANI Web site, said:

"Since its beginning ANI took a leading role in encouraging human rights and genocide education nationwide. Mindful of the needs of educators, the media, and public officials, the ANI Web site rapidly emerged as the primary electronic reference library and resource center on the Armenian Genocide. I am delighted to see this significant expansion of the site and especially its enhanced search capacity that addresses our growing knowledge and understanding of the Armenian Genocide. The increasing number of visitors to the site attests to the quality and reliability of the data provided on the ANI Web site."

The Armenian National Institute is dedicated to the study, research, and affirmation of the Armenian Genocide.