December 18, 2002

The co-editor of the recently published book, Pioneers of Genocide Studies, Dr. Samuel Totten, visited the Armenian National Institute’s (ANI) Washington office earlier this month to meet with Director Dr. Rouben Adalian. Both Totten and Adalian are contributors to the Pioneers of Genocide Studies. The collection of autobiographical essays, edited by Totten with Steven Leonard Jacobs, was released earlier this year by Transaction Publishers.

Recognized authorities in their various specializations, the contributors outlined their scholarly perspectives and personal experience relative to the study of genocide and discussed their individual writings on the issue of genocide.

Among the Armenian Genocide specialists contributing to Pioneers of Genocide Studies are Drs. Rouben Adalian, Vahakn Dadrian and Richard Hovannisian. Other contributors include Helen Fein, Henry Huttenbach, Robert Melson, Roger Smith and Yves Ternon.

Totten, a professor at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, is also the co-editor of First Person Accounts of Genocidal Acts and Century of Genocide: Eyewitness Accounts and Critical Views. Dr. Adalian also contributed a chapter on the Armenian Genocide to that publication.

Their collaboration began in 1999 when Totten and Adalian served as Associate Editors of the Encyclopedia of Genocide. Its Editor-in-Chief, Israel Charny, is also a contributor to Totten’s latest work.

Drs. Richard Hovannisian, Robert Melson and Roger Smith serve on the ANI Academic Council.

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