January 26, 2001

Washington, DC – One of Israel’s leading newspapers, Ha’aretz, in both its English and Hebrew editions, published a glowing review of the Encyclopedia of Genocide. The two-volume reference is the first encyclopedia to chart the full extent of the Armenian Genocide with objectivity and authority.

The review written by Yoram Bilu of Hebrew University in Jerusalem, was printed in the December 8, 2000, English edition of Ha’aretz and ran under the headline, "With critiques, comparisons and bloodcurdling statistics, a ground-breaking encyclopedia charts the grim history of genocide." In reference to the Armenian Genocide, the review noted that "the Armenian genocide is presented, along with the Holocaust, as the largest-scale genocide in modern times."

Armenian National Institute Director Dr. Rouben Adalian, Colgate University professor and author of Black Dog of Fate Dr. Peter Balakian and Zoryan Institute Genocide Project Director Dr. Vahakn Dadrian contributed to the encyclopedia. Adalian was also one of the four associate editors of the publication.

In a review published in the Fall 2000 bulletin by the University of Vermont’s Center for Holocaust Studies, Professor of Political Science Howard Ball acknowledges that the encyclopedia includes “an absolutely first-rate examination, replete with numerous source documents, of the Turkish extermination of their Armenian population.”

“I am appreciative of the reviews which highlight the importance of this work,” Adalian said. “It is my hope that this publication will serve as a reminder of the 20th century’s worst atrocities and prevent them from recurring in the 21st century.”

“The range and depth of the analysis presented in the Encyclopedia of Genocide is a major achievement, and the only appropriate reward would be if all libraries could find room in their budgets to ensure a place for these volumes on their shelves,” said Tim Dune of International Affairs. Marilyn Henry of the Jerusalem Post noted that “the two volumes provide virtually a total education about genocide.”

Dr. Israel Charny, editor-in-chief of the Encyclopedia of Genocide and the executive director of the Institute on the Holocaust and Genocide in Jerusalem, organized the First International Conference on the Holocaust and Genocide in Tel Aviv in 1982.

More recently, Charny made news in Britain when he charged Macmillan Publishers UK with canceling publication of an article on denials and deniers of the Holocaust, Armenian Genocide and other genocides because of fears of litigation.

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