March 27, 2001

Washington, DC— The Armenian National Institute (ANI) is pleased to report that the California Board of Education has reprinted the California Model Curriculum for Human Rights and Genocide. The guide includes a chapter on the Armenian Genocide.

"The reprinting of the Curriculum Guide stands to benefit teachers across the state of California. The inclusion of the Armenian Genocide in social studies will also give students a more accurate picture of events when studying World War I," ANI Director Dr. Rouben Adalian said.

In 1985, the California legislation considered a bill introducing a human rights and genocide curriculum throughout the California public school system. Both the State Senate and Assembly passed the bill in September of that year. Then-Governor George Deukmejian signed the bill into law on September 28, 1985. The new curriculum was first printed in 1987.

By 1998, however, the publication was out of print. ANI brought the matter to the attention of the California Legislature. State Assemblyman Howard Kaloogian (R-74) and then-State Senator Adam Schiff (D-27), currently serving in the US House of Representatives, requested appropriations for the reprinting of the Model Curriculum in the FY 2000 budget. “When ANI discovered that this excellent guide was no longer available in California, our staff launched the process to encourage its renewal and reprinting,” Adalian said.

The Armenian Assembly Western Region Office took the lead in coordinating community support for the budgeting allocation needed to reissue the curriculum. The California Legislature appropriated $99,000 to the State Department of Education for this purpose. Reprinting began in 2000 and the guide is now available to educators.

“ANI encourages communities across California to bring the Model Curriculum for Human Rights and Genocide to the attention of their local schoolteachers and district educators. By recommending the curriculum, teachers can develop customized teaching units appropriate to their grade levels,” Adalian added.

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