December 13, 2000

Washington, DC – The Academic Council of the Armenian National Institute (ANI) recently met in Washington this month to review Year 2000 activities and develop the organization's plans for the coming year.

The Council encouraged ANI to publish proceedings from its successful conference “The American Response to the Armenian Genocide” and consider other publication opportunities. Continuing archival research and website expansion were also given top priority. The Council expressed enthusiasm regarding the proposed Genocide Museum and Memorial and discussed ways in which ANI may support its development.

“The prominent scholars who serve on ANI’s Academic Council continue to provide excellent oversight and inspiration as ANI faces the challenges of the 21st century,” said Council Chairman Richard Hovannisian. “Their dedication ensures that ANI will continue to build on its reputation for high caliber archival research and documentation, educational programs, and the systemization and preservation of Armenian oral history collections.”

Highlights for the Institute in 2000 included the very successful conference, co-sponsored with the Library of Congress and held with the cooperation of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM). The September conference attracted world-renowned academics to Washington, DC, including Oxford scholar and author Sir Martin Gilbert. Other important ANI achievements included the acquisition of major holdings on the Armenian Genocide from archives in France and Armenia, and increased ANI website use and capability, including an extensive record of affirmations of the Genocide by U.S. state legislatures.

Attending the meeting were Academic Council Chairman Richard Hovannisian (UCLA), and members Peter Balakian (Colgate), Robert Melson (Purdue), Claire Mouradian (National Scientific Research Center, Paris), William Parsons (USHMM), Christopher Simpson (American University), ANI Director Rouben Adalian and ANI's Director of Legal Affairs Jacob Toumayan. ANI Board of Governors Chairman Robert A. Kaloosdian and Board member Carolyn Mugar joined the Council for its annual meeting. Roger Smith (College of William and Mary), who was an expert witness called by the House of Representatives International Relations Subcommittee on the Armenian Genocide Resolution, also attended as a guest.

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