March 24, 1999

Boca Raton, FL—ANI Board of Governors Chairman Robert A. Kaloosdian announced earlier this month that the Armenian National Institute (ANI) will work towards legal affirmation of the Armenian Genocide in 1999 and beyond. The announcement came during the Armenian Assembly of America’s 1999 Board of Trustees Annual Meeting held March 5-6 in Boca Raton, FL.

“With the close of 1998, ANI completed its organizational phase,” said Kaloosdian. “In 1999 and beyond, we will begin working towards the Institute’s ultimate goal—affirming the Armenian Genocide.”

He also said that ANI is working with the Armenian Bar Association by pursuing issues such as Turkish confiscation of Armenian bank accounts and insurance policies during World War I and looking into the legality of establishing chairs of Turkish studies in American universities.

In 1998, ANI also received a substantial grant from the prestigious Rockefeller Foundation to collect and document the international cultural legacy resulting from the Armenian Genocide as it is reflected in major works of art.

Also in 1998, ANI cosponsored a successful Yerevan conference on legal recognition of the Armenian Genocide. As a result of that success, ANI was invited to organize this year’s April 22-23 Yerevan conference on the Armenian Genocide featuring participation by Henry Morgenthau III, grandson of US Ambassador to Turkey during the Armenian Genocide, Henry Morgenthau.

ANI’s up-to-date website (, visited by thousands of viewers every month, now includes an original Genocide map developed in conjunction with the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU).

During his remarks, Kaloosdian thanked ANI benefactor Hirair Hovnanian, Board of Governors members Van Krikorian and Carolyn Mugar, Academic Council Chairman Richard Hovanissian, ANI Director Rouben Adalian and Armenian Assembly Executive Director Ross Vartian for their support of ANI’s mission.