August 13, 1998

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Search “Armenian Genocide” on the Internet and the results will now yield, the newly launched Web site created by the Armenian National Institute (ANI).

Designed for use by educators, students, human rights groups, public policy makers, scholars, journalists, and the public at large, the ANI site with its clear structure and rich content has much to offer those who visit it. The three main links of the home page are Educational Resources, Genocide Research, and About ANI—which provides information specific to the Institute.

Educators and students will find particularly beneficial the Educational Resources section that provides materials relating to the teaching of the Armenian Genocide. In addition to an extensive resource guide of genocide-related books, the site offers short entries on key subjects, a list of video materials and how they may be acquired, a suggested reading list of scholarly works, sample genocide curricula, and answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the Armenian Genocide.

Rare photo collections taken by American relief worker John Elder and German army Red Cross officer Armin T. Wegner, together with sample archival documents, a chronology of events from 1914 to 1923, official statements and resolutions affirming the Armenian Genocide, a variety of bibliographies, and samples of contemporary press coverage, highlight the Genocide Research section of the site.

The About ANI section outlines the Institute’s mission, objectives, program areas, and administration. It also offers staff profiles as well as an FAQ on the Institute. Special added features of the site include channels through which the Institute can receive feedback from visitors, links to related organizations, a site map, and What’s New—a section that will provide up-to-date information pertaining to affirmation efforts around the world.

The Institute encourages the public to advise educators, officials, friends and relatives how they can learn more about the Armenian Genocide by visiting the ANI Web site at