Anjar, Lebanon, Musa Dagh Memorial

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Subject:The 18 heroes who died during the Heroic Battle of Musa Dagh (Musaler). (view image)
Type of Memorial:Monumental Sculpture
Sponsor(s):St. Paul Armenian Apostolic Church; local Anjar-Armenian community and institutions; and Diaspora members of Musa Ler ancestry.
Placement:Freestanding abstracted cross-like sculptural work on the ground.
Physical Setting:Flat land, adjacent to St. Paul (Boghos) Armenian Apostolic Church.
Tourist Amenities:No
Map Designation:St. Paul (Boghos) Armenian Apostolic Church.
Physical Condition:Very well preserved.
Location:St. Paul (Boghos) Armenian Apostolic Church
Anjar, Lebanon
Location Description:St. Paul Armenian Apostolic Church is located north of main street Anjar.
Construction Began:Early 1990s
Prior Use of Site:Courtyard of St. Paul (Boghos) Armenian Apostolic Church.
Development/Construction Process:A monument built in 1995 in memory of the 18 heroes who died during the Heroic Battle of Musa Dagh. The Armenian Apostolic Saint Paul Church is the second largest Armenian Church in Lebanon. The church construction took place on October 30,1960. The architect was Kevork Emmiyan. The monument is dedicated to the eighteen men who lost their lives in 1915 during the battle of Musa Dagh. Their tombs are on the Mountain of Musa (Samandagh today) near the monument dedicated to them. Recently, this monument and the small cemetery on the mountain have been destroyed by the Turkish government which is part of a plan to change history and make the world forget the atrocities that the Turks committed against the Armenians of the Ottoman Empire from 1896 to 1923. The names of the 18 martyrs who are being commemorated via this monument are the following: Hagop Karageozian 1880-1915, Hovhannes Koojanian 1874-1915,Hovhannes Loorchian 1891-1915, Sarkis Shannakian 1880-1915, Samuel Boyajian 1874-1915, Habet Vanayan 1889-1915, Bedros Havatian 1882-1915, Abraham Seklemian 1898-1915, Grigor Kebourian 1854-1915, Grigor Nekroorian 1875-1915, Jabra Kheyoyan 1887-1915, Samuel Markarian 1891-1915, Missak Bayramian 1897-1915, Baghdassar Mardikian 1886-1915, Hampartsoum Khoshian 1874-1915, Boghos Andekian 1894-1915, Hagop Havatian 1885-1915, Bedros Penenian 1855-1915.
History of Ownership:Owned by St. Paul (Boghos) Armenian Apostolic Church of Anjar and Musa Dagh community in Lebanon, Armenia, and Diaspora.
Commemorative Activities:Every year during the month of September, commemoration ceremonies take place near the monument. A similar celebration simultaneously occurs in the village of Musaler, Armenia.
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