Los Angeles, California, Armenian Genocide Memorial Chapel

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Subject:The Sheen Memorial Chapel was endowed by Mr. John H. Sheen (Geovkalayjian), in memory of his father and brother who perished in the 1915 Armenian Genocide. Mr. Sheen, was also a survivor of the genocide, who was under the care of Baltic-German missionary Anna Hedvig Büll, from Estonia. The chapel is composed of an antique timber roof and natural masonry as well as unique interior facets. The altar is designed after the church of Etchmiadzin in Armenia, with eagle carvings at the top of the columns on both sides, similar to those of the Sixth Century church of Ani (in present-day Turkey). The bas-relief angel carvings replicate those of the church at Aght’amar from the eleventh century located in the city of Van (in present-day Turkey). More historical paintings and artifacts can be found among the treasures in the chapel. (view image)
Type of Memorial:Chapel/Church
Sponsor(s):John H. Sheen (Geovkalayjian)
Architect/Designer/Artist:Luther Eskijian
Physical Setting:The Chapel is located on the grounds of the Ararat Home of Los Angeles in Mission Hills.
Tourist Amenities:No
Physical Condition:Good condition
Location:Mission Hills
Los Angeles, California, United States
Web Site:www.ararat-eskijian-museum.com/sheen-memorial-chapel
Opening Date:1994

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