Ottawa, Ontario, Armenian Genocide Memorial

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Subject:Dedicated to the victims of the Armenian genocide. The sculpture, titled "Armenia Immortal" is located in front of the Armenian embassy in Ottawa. (view image)
Type of Memorial:Monumental Sculpture
Architect/Designer/Artist:Levon and Hayk Tokhmajians
Physical Setting:Urban
Tourist Amenities:No
Physical Condition:Good condition
Inscription:Armenia Immortal

Sculptors Levon and Hayk Tokhmajians Ottawa 2002

In tribute to the country symbolized by Mount Ararat that has become the new dawn of humanity. To the people who were the first to embrace christianity in 301 and who were the first to be crucified in 1915-1923, falling victim to the first genocide of the 20th Century perpetrated by the Ottoman Empire by the Young Turks. For the glory of newly reborn Armenia, whose sons and daughters yet believe in justice.

Location:Ottawa, Ontario Canada
Dedication Date:2002

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