Ohanavan, Aragatsotn, Armenian Genocide Memorial

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Subject:The victims of the Armenian Genocide of 1915 and 1988 Karabagh conflict.
Type of Memorial:Inscription, Monumental Sculpture
Sponsor(s):Local community
Architect/Designer/Artist:Architect: M. Manuelian
Placement:Freestanding sculptural work.
Physical Setting:Flat land.
Tourist Amenities:No
Physical Condition:Well preserved
Inscription:“In the memory of the 1915 Genocide and the Martyrs of 1988.”
Location:Commemorative monument
Ohanavan, Ashtarak Region, Aragatsotn, Armenia
Construction Began:1989
Construction Completed:1989
Dedication Date:1989
Additional Information:Editorial Broad of Armenian Encyclopedia. The Armenian Question. Yerevan: 1996.