Berlin, Germany, Armenian Genocide Memorial

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Subject:Dedicated to the more than 3 million Armenian, Greek and Armenian/Assyrian/Chaldean victims in the Ottoman Empire and Ottoman occupied north-west Iran (1914, 1918) Consisting of the three "Altars of Remembrance (Armenians: left; Greeks: Center, Arameans/Assyrians/Chaldeans right) (view image)
Type of Memorial:Monumental Sculpture
Placement:Flat ground.
Physical Setting:Located in Luisenfriedhof III, a cemetery in the westend district of Berlin
Tourist Amenities:No
Physical Condition:Well maintained
Inscription:Placed between the first and second altars is a huge plaque with the names of these Christian communities, and the inscription: “Commemorate the victims of the Ottoman genocide 1912-1922.” On the lateral wings of each of the Altars of Remembrance are ‘icons of annihilation,’ scenes from the genocide. The design of the memorial was inspired by the principle of Christian medieval sacral architecture: “Unity in diversity.” And the cross, in its several variations, stands as the universal Christian symbol of hope and resurrection.
Location:Berlin-Charlottenburg, Germany
Opening Date:2018
Commemorative Activities:In Addition, we construct a digital Virtual Genocide Memorial (, where the destruction of the Ottoman Christian populaces is documented, together with their cultural achievements. So far, the Ottoman Vilayets of Van, Bursa/Prousa, Trebizond/Trapezunta and Diyarbekir are presented.
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