Pasadena, California, Armenian Genocide Memorial

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Subject:This devastation is not what remains however, for underneath the pinnacle of the structure is the slow, paced, descent of the baptized, the pure and unblemished, trail of spirits.

Within 1 minute, 3 spirits have passed as every 21 seconds 1 drop of water falls into the center of Armenian eternity symbol then trickles down into the basin below. The weight of the 1.5 Million sets the basin deeply in the ground where the words: 1 million 5 hundred thousand tears shed for 1 million 5 hundred thousand souls lost. From April 24, 1915- April 24, Eternally. These words are written with broze in both Armenian and English around the stone basin.

The moments of engagement with the water are integral in The convergence of horror and hope. A further digital engagement is desired, so as you are watching the monument count physically, your personal device will be synchronized to count digitally to the 1.5 million each year. Here you can engage with archived imagery and history, and then more specifically the Pasadena memorial.

The fountain reminds us that though there is horror and suffering in this world, that there is life in the infinite. That these souls are not forgotten, but instead have joined the continuum of history and will live forever. (view image)
Type of Memorial:Monumental Sculpture
Architect/Designer/Artist:Catherine Menard
Physical Setting:Memorial Park is approximately 5 and 1/4 acres in size and contains the following amenities: Various Memorials Amphitheater Park Play Equipment Open Area Restroom Facilities
Tourist Amenities:Yes
Physical Condition:Excellent
Location:Memorial Park
Pasadena, California United States

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