Binghamton, New York, Armenian Genocide Living Memorial

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Subject:The 1915 Armenian Genocide. The black marble monument joined several trees planted out of respect to the Armenians who were killed. (view image)
Type of Memorial:Commemorative Plaque, Monumental Sculpture, Park
Sponsor(s):Local community
Placement:Located standing on its own, at the south entrance of the Washington Street Bridge.
Physical Setting:In a park, situated among trees planted to honor the victims of the genocide.
Tourist Amenities:No
Physical Condition:New
Inscription:"April 24, 2004 These trees are a living memorial to the victims of the Armenian Genocide of 1915 committed by the Ottoman Turkish government."
Location:Binghamton, New York United States
Dedication Date:April 24, 2001
Renovation Date:April 24, 2004
Commemorative Activities:Each year, St. Gregory's Armenian Church holds a dedication service on April 24 and a tree is planted alongside the monument.

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