Larnaca, Cyprus, Church of Sourp Stepanos (Saint Stephen)

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Subject:Dedicated to the memory of the martyrs of the Adana massacre, the church of Sourp Stepanos is considered to be one of the oldest monuments in the entire Armenian Diaspora in memory of the Armenian massacres in the Ottoman Empire. The commemorative façade features the Armenian ethnarch Haig, the last King of the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia, Levon V, a scroll held by a hand - representing the Ten Commandments and the four symbols of the Four Evangelists; around King Levon V. (view image)
Type of Memorial:Chapel/Church
Physical Setting:Flat land
Tourist Amenities:No
Physical Condition:Good
Inscription:Ի Յիշատակ Կիլիկիոյ Նահատակաց – 1 Ապր. 1909 (In Memory of the Cilician Martyrs – 1 Apr. 1909) Under façade and above the entrance it says: Հայկական Մատուռ (Armenian Chapel)
Location:Larnaca, Cyprus
Construction Began:1909
Construction Completed:1913
Dedication Date:June 30, 1918
Opening Date:May 20, 1914
Prior Use of Site:The church was originally built as a chapel by the Armenian refugees who fled to Larnaca after the Adana massacre in 1909. It was built as a replica of Adana's main church and was dedicated to Adana's patron Saint, Saint Stephen.
Development/Construction Process:Fund raising between 1912 and 1913 helped complete the church on April 1, 1913. The first official liturgy took place in May 1914.