Cardiff, Wales, Armenian Genocide Monument

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Subject:The Armenian Genocide 1915-1923 and all of those Armenians who have died and will die without knowing proper recognition of their suffering. (view image)
Type of Memorial:Monumental Sculpture
Architect/Designer/Artist:Mr. Leuan Rees
Placement:On the ground.
Physical Setting:In the public gardens of the Temple of Peace in the Civic Centre of Cardiff. Opposite Cardiff Castle. The site is situated in the middle of Cardiff and the buildings around it include: City Hall, a Museum, Law Courts and the University.
Tourist Amenities:Yes
Physical Condition:The Cross was desecrated by unknown persons just prior to the Holocaust Memorial Day ceremony to remember the victims of all genocides on January 27, 2008. Re-construction has begun and is due to be completed by April 23, 2008.
Inscription:"In memory of the victims of the Armenian Genocide." Translated into Armenian and Welsh.
Location:Temple of Peace, Cathays Park
Cardiff, South Wales CF10 3AP Wales
Proposal Date:2006
Design Date:January 2007
Construction Began:March 2007
Construction Completed:November 2007
Dedication Date:November 3, 2007
Opening Date:November 3, 2007
Renovation Date:February to April 23, 2008
Development/Construction Process:Made from St Bees stone from Cumbria, which resembles the pink Tufa stone of Armenia and the Inscription, Cross and Rondel is made from Welsh slate. Controversies: In excess of 600 emails were received by Turkish protestors. Two delegations visited The Temple of Peace representing Turkish interests who wished to stop the construction. Over 300 Turkish protestors arrived by coach on the 3rd of November 2007 during the dedication. Turkish protestors again attempted to disrupt proceedings at the Holocaust Day Memorial on January 27, 2008.
History of Ownership:The Temple of Peace was a building gifted 11/23/1938 by Lord David Davies to commemorate all the victims of all nations that had perished during the First World War. His ideals were for Peace & Health around the world.
Commemorative Activities:November 3, 2007: Dedication & Blessing; January 27, 2008 Holocaust Memorial Day for victims of all genocides and memorial to Hrant Dink, Armenian Newspaper owner assasinated on January 19, 2007. The next event will be on April 24, 2008 for an Armenian genocide rememberance service.
Notable Visitors:November 3, 2007: Bishop Nathan Hovannisian, Ambasador Dr. Vahe Gabrielyan, Lord Dafydd Elis- Thomas (Speaker of the Welsh Assembly), Cannon Patrick Thomas (Assistat to Bishop of Llandaff, Bishop Khoshaba Guorges (representing the Ancient Churches of the East), Rev. Chris Gillham (representing the Welsh Chuches) Mr. Mike Joseph (representing the Jewish community of Wales) Aghtamar Dance Group, and the Welsh Choirs Cor Cochion & Cor Hamdden. January 27, 2008: Jenny Randerson Liberal Democrat AM, Martin Shipton, Chief Reporter of the Western Mail (Welsh daily newspaper)and Mr. Robin Gwyndaf.

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