Paris, France, Komitas Monument and Armenian Genocide Memorial

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Subject:Commemorates the Armenian Genocide of 1915 and honors the French-Armenians who died during the first and second World Wars. (view image)
Type of Memorial:Monumental Sculpture
Sponsor(s):Public Contribution Appeal
Architect/Designer/Artist:David Babayan - Yerevantsi
Placement:Standing on its own.
Physical Setting:In the middle of a square in the heart of Paris. Located near the Armenian Apostolic Church.
Tourist Amenities:No
Physical Condition:Excellent condition.
Inscription:Until the genocide of 1915, the Reverend Father Komitas collected the songs of oral tradition of the Armenian people and had them retranscrit. He thus was able to save a partimony of universal range (translated from French).

In the memory of the voluntary engaged Armenian fighters and resistants who died for France (translated from French).

In homage to Komitas; composer, musicologist and to the 1.5 million victims of the Armenian Genocide, committed in the Ottoman Empire in 1915 (translated from French and Armenian).

Location:Cours Albert 1
Paris, France
Proposal Date:1983
Design Date:January 29, 2001
Construction Began:January 2002
Construction Completed:April 22, 2003
Dedication Date:April 24, 2003
Opening Date:April 24, 2003
Prior Use of Site:Public property and promenade to mainly tourists.
Development/Construction Process:Sits on a pedestal that is 2 meters high. The statue of Komitas is 4 meters high and made from bronze.

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