Aintab, Ararat, Armenian Genocide Memorial Fountain

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Subject:The Aintab victims of the Armenian Genocide. (view image)
Type of Memorial:Commemorative Plaque, Monumental Sculpture, Park
Sponsor(s):Mr. Vartan and Mrs. Ketty Yaghsezians
Architect/Designer/Artist:David Kertmenjian
Placement:Standing on its own.
Physical Setting:On flat land.
Tourist Amenities:Yes
Map Designation:Aintab Armenian Genocide Memorial Complex
Physical Condition:Very well preserved.
Inscription:Dedicated to the memory of the innocent victims of Aintab from 1915. (translated from Armenian).
Location:Yerevan-Masis Highway, Aintab memorial Complex
Aintab, Ararat, Armenia
Construction Began:March 2001
Construction Completed:October 2001
Opening Date:November 2001
Function during Genocide:Deportation Site, Destroyed Community
Events during Genocide:Armenians were killed in and deported from Aintab between the years of 1915-1923.
Prior Use of Site:Before 1915, Aintab was the home to many Armenians. Following the Armenian Genocide, the area that the memorial now lies on was an empty stretch of land. Between 1984 and March 2001, the area was the location of the 1921 Self Defense Battle of Aintab Memorial. The Fountain -Memorial is now located adjacent to the Self Defense Battle of Aintab Memorial.
Development/Construction Process:The monument is 3m high and 5m wide. It has five apses in memory of the victims of 1915.
Commemorative Activities:Every April 24 and at the beginning of every September,people come to visit the Fountain -Memorial to honor those who perished during the Armenian Genocide.
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