Cambridge, Massachusetts, Armenian Genocide Memorial Khachkar

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Subject:The victims of the 1915 Armenian Genocide. (view image)
Type of Memorial:Monumental Sculpture
Sponsor(s):Armenian Church and American-Armenian community members.
Architect/Designer/Artist:Artist from Republic of Armenia; name unknown.
Placement:Freestanding sculpture in the frontyard of St. Holy Trinity Armenian Church.
Physical Setting:Outdoors, in front of the church complex. Flat land.
Tourist Amenities:Yes
Map Designation:St. Holy Trinity Armenian Church
Physical Condition:Well preserved.
Location:Holy Trinity Armenian Church, 145 Brattle Street
Cambridge, Massachusettes 02138-2296 United States
Construction Began:1990s
Construction Completed:1990s
Prior Use of Site:Frontyard of the Armenian Church.
Development/Construction Process:The tufa stone khachkar (cross-stone) sculpture is from Armenia.
History of Ownership:Owned by the Holy Trinity Armenian Church of Cambridge.
Commemorative Activities:In 1995, on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, the parish commissioned a Khachkar from Armenia to be created and erected on the Church plaza. Today, on any given day, people stop by the Church simply to view this impressive stone work up close and read the message beginning with the words “Lest We Forget...”
Additional Information: Hayrenik Magazine. Watertown, MA. 1990s

Weekly Magazine. Watertown, MA. 1990s

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