San Francisco, California, Mt. Davidson Cross

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Subject:The victims of the 1915 Armenian Genocide. (view image)
Type of Memorial:Commemorative Plaque, Inscription, Park, Path
Sponsor(s):Council of Armenian-American Organizations of Northern California & Armenian-American community of San Francisco.
Architect/Designer/Artist:Designed and built by George Kelham.
Placement:Freestanding sculpture in a public park with a plaque at the foot of a large concrete cross.
Physical Setting:The sculpture is on top of a mountain/hill, overlooking the city.
Tourist Amenities:Yes
Map Designation:Mt. Davidson Park
Physical Condition:Well preserved.
Inscription:"If evil of this magnitude can be ignored, if our own children forget then we deserve oblivion and earn the world's scorn." Avedis Aharonian (writer and educator, 1866-1948) Armenian Genocide Commemoration Day April 24, 1998” Inscription: the Armenian language version of the poem by Avedis Aharonian, which appears on the plaque alongside the English translation by Diana Der-Hovanessian
Location:Mt. Davidson Park
San Francisco, California United States
Construction Began:Early 1930s
Construction Completed:1934
Dedication Date:1934
Renovation Date:1997 - 1998
Prior Use of Site:Mt. Davidson Park.
Development/Construction Process:The monument is a 100 ft.cross. A commemorative plaque rests at its base. In 1997, the citizens of San Francisco approved the sale of the monument to the Council of Armenian-American Organizations of Northern California, to preserve it as a historic landmark. Following the change in ownership, a plaque was added and set at the foot of the cross in memory of the victims.
History of Ownership:From 1934 - 1937: owned by the city of San Francisco
From 1997 – present: owned by Council of Armenian-American Organizations of Northern California.
Commemorative Activities:Inauguration of Monument by President Franklin D. Roosevelt: 1934.
Inauguration of Genocide plaque: March 8, 1998.
Annual commemoration of the Armenian Genocide on April 24.
Additional Information:Editorial Broad of Armenian Encyclopedia. The Armenian Question. Yerevan: 1996.

Kidd, Kristen. "Perpetual Reminders," Armenian International Magazine
(April 1999), pp. 48-50.

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