Remembrance and Denial: the Case of the Armenian Genocide

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Remembrance and Denial: the Case of the Armenian Genocide

Hovannisian, Richard G., editor.
Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 1999, 304 pages. ISBN 081432777X.

"There is virtual silence regarding the Armenian Genocide, and it often seems that the struggle of memory against forgetting is in retreat."

— Richard G. Hovannisian

This volume squarely confronts the denial of the Armenian Genocide by the modern Turkish government, which has expended considerable political and financial resources to repress the facts surrounding this event and even enlisted American and European pseudo-academics to rationalize the issue. Fourteen leading scholars from the United States, Canada, France, England, Germany, and Israel here examine the Armenian Genocide from a variety of perspectives to refute those efforts and show how remembrance and denial have shaped perceptions of the event.

Sample Chapters:

  • Survivor Memoirs of the Armenian Genocide as Cultural History, Lorne Shirinian
  • Denial of the Armenian Genocide in Comparison with Holocaust Denial, Richard G. Hovannisian
  • Freedom and Responsibility of the Historian: The "Lewis Affair", Yves Ternon
  • Professional Ethics and the Denial of the Armenian Genocide, Roger Smith, Eric Markusen, and Robert Jay Lifton