The Genocide of the Armenian People

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The Genocide of the Armenian People

Armenian Review (A Special Issue).
Boston: Armenian Review, Inc., 1984, Spring Issue, 202 pages. ISBN 00042366.

"A war of annihilation is a war. To deny the warlike character of genocide is to deny its essence: the destruction of human beings for predetermined nationalist and statist goals."

— Irving Horowitz

A collection of essays devoted to two aspects of the Armenian Genocide: historiography and documentation. The essays cite as sources some 30 official U.S. government documents from the State Department, which were declassified in 1961, and from the U.S. Inquiry Files, which were declassified in 1980. The documents, which are reprinted in their entirety, are reports by U.S. diplomatic personnel and American and European missionaries who witnessed the tragic events.

Sample Chapters:

  • "Genocide and the Reconstruction of Social Theory: Observations on the Exclusivity of Collective Death," by Irving Horowitz
  • "The Armenian Massacres in Ottoman and Turkish Historiography," by James Reid
  • "Race Problems and the Armenian Genocide: The State Department File," by Armen Hairapetian
  • "Documents: The State Department File"
  • "The United States Inquiry and the Armenian Question, 1917-1919, The Archival Papers," by Armen Hovannisian
  • "Documents: The U.S. Inquiry"