Warrant for Genocide: Key Elements of Turko-Armenian Conflict

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Warrant for Genocide: Key Elements of Turko-Armenian Conflict

Dadrian, Vahakn N.
New Brunswick, N.J.: Transaction Publishers, 1999, 224 pages. ISBN 1560003898.

"Genocide appears here as a means to an end rather than an end unto itself...The task of understanding the Armenian genocide is in this sense inextricably interwoven with the task of dissecting the Turko-Armenian conflict in terms of its origin and its evolutionary stages."

Warrant for Genocide traces genocide to the origin and history of the long-standing Turko-Armenian discord with the massacres treated as a means to resolve the conflict between a powerful, dominant group and a weak, vulnerable minority. No analysis of the Armenian Genocide can be adequate without understanding the origin, elements, evolution, and escalation of the Turko-Armenian conflict. Dadrian shows that in the final analysis, the Armenian Genocide was a cataclysmic by-product of this conflict.

Sample Chapters:

  • The Liabilities of Islam in a Multiethnic State Organization
  • The Abortiveness of Ottoman Reforms
  • The Twisted Interconnections between Armenian Military
  • Roles and the World War I Armenian Genocide