Anthology of Armenian Poetry

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Anthology of Armenian Poetry

Der Hovanessian, Diana and Margossian, Marzbed, editors.
New York: Columbia University Press, 1978, 357 pages.

"There is an invisible chain in the skies unseen, as pain is unseen except in the eyes."

— Vahan Derian

An anthology spanning more than 20 centuries that includes a rich portion of ancient, early Christian, folk, and troubadour poetry. A sampling of the 19th century poets, who foresaw the Armenian Genocide, but would not survive it, poets who wrote with the longing for another age, poets who struggled with coming to terms with uprootedness, and poets crying out for justice.

Sample Chapters:

  • Pagan Fragments
  • David of Sassoun
  • Folk Poems
  • Early Christian Poetry
  • Medieval Poetry
  • The Romantic Era
  • Early Twentieth Century Poets
  • Post-Holocaust Poetry of the Diaspora and Soviet Armenia