The Armenians: From Genocide to Resistance

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The Armenians: From Genocide to Resistance

Chaliand, Gerard and Ternon, Yves.
London: Zed Books Ltd., 1983, 136 pages. ISBN 0-86232-160-3.

"Armenians of the latter half of the twentieth century were the secretly suffering inheritors of a genocide that the world refused to recognize and was scarcely aware of."

Two well-known writers on contemporary issues and national liberation struggles bring together a selection of documents that testify to the facts of the Armenian Genocide. They describe the tragedy, illustrated by contemporary photographs, and discuss its consequences up to the present day. They also address the episode of political violence, perpetrated during the 1970s and early 1980s by clandestine Armenian groups seeking redress for the genocide, by looking at the phenomenon of what is clinically called transgenerational trauma.

Sample Chapters:

  • What Happened
  • An Attempt at Interpretation. Factors considered: the Armenians in the eastern provinces; the breakup of the Ottoman Empire; the Armenian national movement; Turkish nationalism.
  • Evidence: Official documents published during World War I; German documents; British and American documents; statement by a German nurse; statement by two Danish Red Cross nurses; letter to the German Minister of Foreign Affairs in Berlin; Southern Syria, report from an eyewitness on the concentration camps for deportees.
  • Photographic Record
  • Reflections on a Final Solution