Mass Media and the Genocide of the Armenians: One Hundred Years of Uncertain Representation

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Mass Media and the Genocide of the Armenians: One Hundred Years of Uncertain Representation

Chabot, Joceline; Godin, Richard; Kappler, Stefanie; Kasparian, Sylvia.
Palgrave Macmillan, 2016, 241 pages. ISBN 9781137564023.

The role of the mass media in genocide is multifaceted, with respect to the disclosure and flow of information. In fact, the mass media provides both explanations and interpretations of events to the public in potentially controversial ways. From this perspective, the Armenian genocide, the first of its kind in the modern era, continues to raise many questions. What impact did the mass media have on related events as they occurred? Similarly, what direct and indirect impact did media coverage have on the international public space? What importance should be attributed to mass media iconography in the representation of mass violence? How was the media discourse expressed semantically? How does that lead to conflicts over the ways in which historical events are commemorated and remembered? On the eve of the commemoration of the centenary of the Armenian genocide, Mass Media and the Genocide of the Armenians investigates questions of responsibility, denial, victimisation and marginalisation through an analysis of the media representations of the genocide in different national contexts.

Sample Chapters:

    • Introduction: Representations of the Armenian Genocide in the Mass Media / Joceline Chabot, Richard Godin, Stefanie Kappler, Sylvia Kasparian

    • 1. Genocide and the Arts Creativity, Morality and the Representation of Traumatic Experience / Adam Muller

    • 2. Ravished Armenia (1919) : Bearing Witness in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction : Some Thoughts on a Film-Ordeal / Sévane Garibian

    • 3. A Christian Harem : Ravished Armenia and the Representation of the Armenian Woman in the International Press / Benedetta Guerzoni

    • 4. From Silence to Re-Remembrance : The Response of German Media to Massacres and Genocide Against the Ottoman Armenians / Tessa Hofmann

    • 5. The Condition of the Armenian Refugees and Orphans According to the Report of the Periodical "Armyanskiy Vestnik" / Louisine Abrahamyan

    • 6. The Polish Press and Armenian Genocide from 1895 to 1920 / Dominika Maria Macios

    • 7. The 1915 Genocide in the Post-War Ottoman Press and in Parliamentary Records (1918-1919) / Sait Çetinoğlu, Suzan Meryem, Rosita AlJadeeah

    • 8. Extreme Violence and Massacres During the Great War : A Comparative Study of the Armenian Genocide and German Atrocities in the Canadian Press (1914-1919) / Joceline Chabot, Richard Godin, Sylvia Kasparian

    • 9. A Case of Jewish Coverage of the Armenian Genocide in the United States : Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, "Champion of any Wronged People" / Claire Mouradian

    • Epilogue / Joceline Chabot, Richard Godin, Stefanie Kappler, Sylvia Kasparian.