Genocide: A Comprehensive Introduction. 3rd Edition

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Genocide: A Comprehensive Introduction. 3rd Edition

Jones, Adam.
Routledge, 2016, 908 pages. ISBN 9781138823846.

Genocide: A Comprehensive Introduction is the most wide-ranging textbook on genocide yet published. The book is designed as a text for upper-undergraduate and graduate students, as well as a primer for non-specialists and general readers interested in learning about one of humanity’s enduring blights.

Fully updated to reflect the latest thinking in this rapidly developing field, this unique book:

Provides an introduction to genocide as both a historical phenomenon and an analytical-legal concept, including the concept of genocidal intent, and the dynamism and contingency of genocidal processes.
Discusses the role of state-building, imperialism, war, and social revolution in fuelling genocide.
Supplies a wide range of full-length case studies of genocides worldwide, each with a supplementary study.
Explores perspectives on genocide from the social sciences, including psychology, sociology, anthropology, political science/international relations, and gender studies.
Considers "The Future of Genocide," with attention to historical memory and genocide denial; initiatives for truth, justice, and redress; and strategies of intervention and prevention.

Written in clear and lively prose with over 240 illustrations and maps, Genocide: A Comprehensive Introduction remains the indispensable text for new generations of genocide study and scholarship.

An accompanying website ( features a broad selection of supplementary materials, teaching aids, and Internet resources.