Teaching about Genocide: Issues, Approaches, and Resources

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Teaching about Genocide: Issues, Approaches, and Resources

Totten, Samuel, editor.
Greenwich: Information Age Publishing, 2006, 303 pages. ISBN 978-1-59311-074-1.

Teaching About Genocide: Issues, Approaches and Resources, which is comprised of essays by some of the most noted scholars working in the field of genocide studies, addresses a host of issues, including but not lomited to the following: the significance of establishing strong ratinales prior to teaching about a specific aspect of genocide; a broad overview of the history of genocide; issues surrounding the definition of genocide and ways to address them in he classroom; case histories of major genocide; instructional strategies useful for teaching about genocide; a discussion of the humanrights/genocide connection; and an examination of the complexities surrounding the issue of the intervention and prevention of genocide, along with delineation of strategies for addressing the latter in the classroom.

Sample Chapters:

  • Educating About Genocide, Yes: But What Kind of Education? Carol Rittner
  • Issues of Rationale: Teaching About Genocide, Samuel Totten
  • The History of Genocide: An Overview, Paul R. Bartrop and Samuel Totten
  • Wrestling with the Definition of Genocide: A Critical Task, Samuel Totten
  • Defining Genocide: Issues and Resolutions, Henry R. Huttenbach
  • The Armenian Genocide, Richard G. Hovannisian
  • The Soviet Manmade Famine in Ukraine, James Mace
  • The Holocaust, Michael Berenbaum
  • The Indonesian Genocide of 1965-1966, Robert Cribb
  • The Cambodian Genocide, Craig Etcheson
  • Instructional Strategies and Learning Activities: Teaching About Genocide, Samuel Totten
  • Conducting a Comparative Study of Genocide: Rationale and Methodology, Henry R. Huttenbach
  • Human Rights, Genocide, and Social Responsibility, William R. Fernekes and Samuel Totten
  • The Intervention and Prevention of Genocide: Where There is the Political Will, There is a Way, Samuel Totten