The History of Armenia

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The History of Armenia

Payaslian, Simon.
New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2007, 304 pages. ISBN 978-1-4039-7467-9.

From its genesis through the Genocide to the second independent republic, Armenia has experienced a history of conquest and near annihilation, fragmentation and dispersion, as well as moments of renaissance. Simon Payaslian has written a fluent synthesis of that disjointed, frequently tragic, often inspiring history. In this single volume he has brought together the best of recent scholarship with balance and clarity to illustrate how a people has survived in a most dangerous neighborhood for two and a half millennia.

Sample Chapters:

  • Dynasties and the Geopolitics of Empire: The Ervanduni and the Artashesian Dynasties
  • Culture, Language, and Wars of Religion: Kings, Marzpans, Ostikans
  • The Bagratuni Kingdom and Disintegration
  • The Kilikian Kingdom, the Crusades, and the Invasions from the East
  • Armenia under Ottoman and Russian Rule
  • The Armenian Genocide
  • The Republic of Armenia: The First Republic
  • The Leninist-Stalinist Legacy: Seventy Years of Soviet Rule
  • Independence and Democracy: The Second Republic