The Armenian People from Ancient to Modern Times

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The Armenian People from Ancient to Modern Times

Hovannisian, Richard G., editor.
New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2004, 2 volumes paperback, 894 pages.

Edited by a leading historian of the field, The Armenian People From Ancient to Modern Times is the definitive history of Armenia from its earliest foundations through the Crusades, the resistance to Ottoman and Tsarist rule, the collapse of the independent state, its brief reemergence after World War I, its subjugation by the Bolsheviks, and the establishment of the new Republic in 1991. Written by the foremost experts on each period in Armenia's history, these volumes are a major contribution to understanding the complexities of Transcaucasia.

Sample Chapters:

  • Vol. 1
  • The Geography of Armenia--Robert H. Hewsen
  • The Formation of the Armenian Nation--James Russell
  • The Emergence of Armenia--Nina Garsoian
  • The Arsakuni Dynasty--Nina Garsoian
  • The Independent Kingdoms of Medieval Armenia--Nina Garsoian
  • Armenian Literary Culture through the 11th Century--Robert Thomson
  • Armenia during the Seljuk and Mongol Periods--Robert Bedrosian
  • Cilician Armenia--Ani Atamian Bournoutian
  • Medieval Armenian Literary and Cultural Trends--Peter Cowe
  • Vol. 2
  • Armenia from the Fall of the Cilician Kingdom (1375) to the Forced Emigration under Shah Abbas (1604)--Dickran Kouymjian
  • Armenian Communities in Eastern Europe--Krikor Maksoudian
  • Eastern Armenia from the 17th Century to the Russian Annexation--George Bournourtian
  • The Eastern Question and the Tanzimat Era--Hagop Barsoumian
  • The Armenian Question in the Ottoman Empire 1876 to 1914--Richard G. Hovannisian
  • World War I and the Armenian Genocide--Christopher J. Walker
  • Armenia's Road to Independence--Richard G. Hovannisian
  • Soviet Armenia--Ronald Grigor Suny
  • The Armenians in America--Robert Mirak
  • The Armenian Diaspora--R. Hrair Dekmejian