The Emergence of the Middle East, 1914-1924

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The Emergence of the Middle East, 1914-1924

Sachar, Howard M.
New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1969, 518 pages. ISBN 7139-01586.

"What was astonishing, rather, was the efficiency and speed with which the notoriously inept Turkish bureaucracy engineered a liquidation of these dimensions."

A compelling and scholarly work that unravels the complex network of secret negotiations between Constantinople, Petrograd, Berlin, Paris, London, and Rome which charted the fate of the declining Ottoman Empire and eventually partitioned its territories and peoples. The book chronicles the military and diplomatic campaigns of the Allied and Central powers competing for control of the Middle East, from the Dardanelles to the Persian Gulf. The author also explores the political causes of the Armenian Genocide and the ensuing debate over an American mandate for Armenia.

Sample Chapters:

  • The Sick Man's Last Adventure
  • The Stage of Battle
  • Allied Catastrophes in the Middle East
  • The Armenian Genocide
  • Inducements for Each Other: The Secret Treaties
  • The Partition of Turkey and the Rise of the Greek Empire
  • Armenia and America
  • The Rise of Turkey