Everyone's Not Here

Everyone's Not Here
Families of the Armenian Genocide

Intersection Associates, Inc.
1987, 28 minutes.

An Educational Video and Study Guide developed by educator William S. Parsons and classroom-tested by experienced teachers. It is hailed as a "breakthrough" in helping teachers incorporate the Armenian Genocide into their curricula

The Video

The 28-minute video opens with historical photographs that are the backdrop for the reflections of three survivors on their experiences during the genocide.

The impact of genocide is revealed when the grandchildren express how important it has been for them to listen to the testimonies of their grandparents.

Universal themes are developed, such as the importance of family, the capability of young and old to listen and learn from one another, and the importance of studying history.

The Study Guide

The 87-page teacher/student study guide which accompanies the video presents readings, lesson plans, and class activities that range from a single introductory lesson to a full unit of study.

Lessons are designed to encourage students to learn more about the genocide and its legacy. Background information on the families interviewed is provided, along with historical information, maps, and an extensive timeline.

Also included are descriptions of actual class discussions and student responses to assignments, as well as a transcript of the video.
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What Teachers Say
"The video and accompanying study guide are effective classroom materials for teaching about genocide. They bring an understanding about the Armenian Genocide to students at a level that they can well comprehend."

--Stephen Feinberg, Social Studies Curriculum Leader, Wayland Middle School, Massachusetts

"We were so impressed by the content and direction of the video that we are adopting it for our district as a teaching aid.... We think that it has such merit that every California school district will want to list it as a valuable resource."

--Frances Tywoniak, San Francisco Unified School District

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