The Armenians: History of a Genocide

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The Armenians: History of a Genocide

Ternon, Yves.
Sherman Oaks, California: Caravan Books, 1981, 368 pages. ISBN 0-88206-0384.

"That the Young Turk government organized and committed the collective murder of the Armenian people is an incontestable fact."

Noted French scholar Yves Ternon details not only the genocide of 1915, but also the massacres of 1894-1896. The genocide is also studied in the overall context of the Armenian Question. Ternon draws on various sources, in several languages, to compile both a scholarly and highly readable account of the tragedy that befell the Armenian people. He explores the process of deportation and the role of the Young Turk leaders in the extermination process. Ternon concludes that these leaders devised a general plan for the complete annihilation of the Armenians, one that they deemed would be low-risk and low-cost.

Sample Chapters:

  • The Armenians under the Ottoman Yoke
  • Armenian National Awakening
  • The Armenian Revolutionary Movement
  • The Massacres of 1895
  • The Committee of Union and Progress
  • The Resurgence of the Armenian Question
  • The General Plan for Extermination
  • The Deportation
  • The Camps of Death