European Parliament Resolution

June 7, 2022

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"The European Parliament...encourages Turkey, once again, to recognise the Armenian Genocide;"

European Parliament resolution of 7 June 2022 on the 2021 Commission Report on Turkey

The European Parliament,

– having regard to the Commission communication of 19 October 2021 on EU Enlargement Policy (COM(2021)0644) and to the accompanying Turkey 2021 Report (SWD(2021)0290),


– having regard to its previous resolutions, in particular those of 19 May 2021 on the 2019-2020 Commission Reports on Turkey, of 8 July 2021 on the repression of the opposition in Turkey, specifically the People’s Democratic Party (HDP), of 21 January 2021 on the human rights situation in Turkey, in particular the case of Selahattin Demirtaş and other prisoners of conscience, of 26 November 2020 on escalating tensions in Varosha following the illegal actions by Turkey and the urgent need for the resumption of talks, of 15 April 2015 on the centenary of the Armenian Genocide, of 7 October 2021 on the implementation report on the EU Trust Funds and the Facility for Refugees in Turkey, and of 24 November 2021 on the Council position on Draft amending budget No 5/2021 of the European Union for the financial year 2021 – Humanitarian support to refugees in Turkey,


17. Notes the adoption of a new human rights action plan by the Turkish authorities in March 2021 as welcome in principle; notes, however, that it leaves a number of underlying issues unaddressed and that the government’s commitment will be measured by the extent to which the plan is implemented and the reforms are undertaken to ensure its application to all citizens without discrimination; urges the Turkish authorities to step up their efforts to effectively address the dire situation of Kurds, Armenians, Assyrians and, in particular, the housing and education of the Roma community, who continue to have to contend with comparatively higher levels of poverty, unemployment, discrimination and exclusion;


42. Commends the recent rapprochement between Turkey and Armenia with regard to the decision to start bilateral contacts, the appointment of special representatives and the resumption of flights between the two countries; considers this attempt a highly positive development which has a positive impact on prosperity and security in the region; encourages both sides to pursue these efforts with a view to fully normalising their relations and calls for the EU to actively support this process; encourages Turkey to pave the way for genuine reconciliation between the Turkish and Armenian peoples, including settling the dispute of the Armenian Genocide, and to fully respect its obligations to protect Armenian and other cultural heritage; expresses the hope that this may lead to a dynamic of normalisation of relations in the South Caucasus; further welcomes Turkey’s diplomatic efforts to normalise relations with various countries in the Middle East, especially Israel; encourages Turkey, once again, to recognise the Armenian Genocide;