Myrtle Beach City Council Adopts Armenian Genocide Reaffirmation Proclamation

May 23, 2017

102nd Commemoration of the Armenian Genocide

WHEREAS, the Myrtle Beach community joins human rights advocates and historians from around the world to recognize and mourn the 1.5 million Armenians who perished in the first genocide of the twentieth century, from 1915 to 1923; and

WHEREAS, 2017 marks the 102nd anniversary of the beginning of the Armenian Genocide, led by Turkish forces, which included the massacre of Armenians, Greeks, and Assyrians due to religious, political, and educational beliefs; and

WHEREAS, the genocide started April 24, 1915, when hundreds of Armenians and others were arrested in Constantinople, and continued for eight years with the horrific annihilation of innocent Armenian men, women and children, leaving fewer than one million survivors; and

WHEREAS, the Armenian culture is celebrated today as a historic reminder of the remarkable courage, resilience and perseverance of the human spirit, and we acknowledge the estimated 100 Armenian families in the Myrtle Beach area for their contributions to our community; and

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT PROCLAIMED that the Myrtle Beach City Council hereby recognizes the 102nd Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide by honoring and remembering those who perished and reaffirms the importance of tolerance, justice and respect, lest hatred against lead to the suffering and destruction of mankind; and

BE IT FURTHER PROCLAIMED that we also recognize the Armenian American families in the Myrtle Beach community for their efforts to advance civil rights as champions of equality.

Signed and sealed this 23rd day of May 2017.


John Rhodes, Mayor


Attest: Joan Grove, City Clerk