Bill Clinton

April 24, 1994

April 22, 1994 -- Armenian Remembrance Day

On this solemn day, I join Armenians from around the world in remembering the victims of the 1915 massacres in the Ottoman Empire. The effects of that tragedy have profoundly touched all of us, and together we mourn the terrible loss of so many innocent lives.

Yet even in the face of this devastating event, the rich and vibrant Armenian culture has continued to thrive. Demonstrating remarkable resilience and courage, Armenian Americans have made enormous contributions to our development and success as a country. Now, with the creation of a new and independent Armenia under President Ter-Petrosyan's leadership, the Armenian people are bringing the same determination to creating a democracy and a modern economy in their native land. Recalling the brave spirit of those who died in the violence of 1915, these important efforts honor their lasting legacy.

As we rededicate ourselves to building an Armenia of great prosperity and lasting peace, I extend best wishes to all for a meaningful observance.

Bill Clinton