Republic of Cyprus House of Representatives Resolution

April 24, 1975

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House of Representatives

Republic of Cyprus

Resolution 36 (1975) The House of Representatives resolves as follows:

On the occasion of the sixtieth anniversary of the genocide of the Armenian people by the then Turkish regime,

1. Expresses its unanimous sympathy towards all Armenians who commemorate the abhorrent crime and mourn over the loss of their homelands and slaughtered brothers.

2. Considers that the slaughter and expulsion of the Armenians by the Turkish regime cannot be justified under any law or pretext. The Turkish regime simply aimed at the annihilation and extermination of the Armenians who lived in Asia Minor and at the plunder of their homes and properties. The Armenians, an ancient and noble nation, with remarkable achievements in peaceful and creative deeds, had not provoked or harmed anyone.

3. Convinced that those Armenians who sought refuge and those who are residing in Cyprus will always live in the brotherhood with the people of Cyprus. Armenians have endured hardships and ordeals caused by the Turkish regime again in 1963 and today. At present, Cyprus is suffering similar hardships, as real tragedy, as a result of the Turkish invasion.

4. Extends to the Armenians living in all parts of the world a message of high esteem and solidarity.