City of Harker Heights

May 12, 2005


Whereas, on April 24, 2005, Armenians around the world commemorated the 90th anniversary of Armenian Genocide when approximately 1.5 million men, women, and children of Armenian ancestry were massacred by the governments of the Ottoman empire;

Whereas, we join the Armenian-American citizens of Central Texas in opposing such atrocities and in honoring its victims.

Now Therefore, I, Mary Gauer, Mayor of the City of Harker Heights, Texas do thereby proclaim May 14, 2005 to be


In the City of Harker Heights, and urge our citizens to commemorate this tragic event in world history, to honor the memories of those lost, and to strengthen our commitment to the cause of Liberty and Justice for all.

In Witness Thereof, I have set my hand and have affixed the seal of the City of Harker Heights, Texas, this 12th Day of May, 2005.


Mary Gauer, Mayor

City of Harker Heights, Texas