City of Duluth

April 24, 2005

City of Duluth
Office of the Mayor


WHEREAS, The Armenian Genocide was carried out in the Ottoman Empire between 1915-23, resulting in the death or deportation of nearly two million Christian Armenians and ejection from 2,500 years of life in their historic homeland; and

WHEREAS, The unfolding genocide was reported in Duluth and Minnesota newspapers of the day and Minnesotans played a leading role in international relief efforts; and

WHEREAS, Failure to punish those responsible for the Armenian Genocide laid the groundwork for many more such atrocities in future years; and

WHEREAS, The groundbreaking work of Turkish scholars such as Taner Akcam and others in this field represents a step toward truth, justice and reconciliation; and

WHEREAS, On this 90th anniversary of the onset of the Armenian Genocide, traditionally observed on April 24, it is fitting that all people of goodwill join in commemoration of this crime against humanity;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Herb W. Bergson Mayor of City of Duluth, do officially proclaim April 24, 2005 as


In the City of Duluth.


set my hand and caused the Great Seal of the

City of Duluth to be affixed in the City of

Duluth this twenty-fourth day of April in the

Year of our Lord two thousand five.

(signed) Herb W. Bergson, Mayor
City of Duluth, Minnesota