Parlamenta Kurdistanê Li Derveyî Welat

April 24, 1996

Parlamenta Kurdistanê Li Derveyî Welat
Kurdistan Parliament in Exile

24 April 1996

To the members of the public

The division of Kurdistan has affected both the Armenian and the Assyrian people. Colonialists have not only pursued the policy of extermination against the Kurds and forced them into migration but had also turned the peoples against one another.

On 24 April 1915, the Ottoman Empire had taken the decision of massacre of the Armenian and Assyrian peoples. The ground for this massacre was prepared in advance. The Kurdish tribes involved in Hamidieh Cavalry took part in the Armenian massacre. Hundreds of thousands of Armenian and Assyrians were slaughtered and as many were forced to migrate during this massacre.

The Turkish state is also following the same policy today. While aggravating the Alevi and Sunni people against each other, the government is also promoting the village guard system thus setting the Kurds against one another.

Today is the 81st anniversary of the massacre of both the Armenian and Assyrian peoples.

Today we wish to share the pain and suffering of our peoples and strongly condemn the Turkish state and any force which is collaborating with it.

Zubeyir Aydar
Chair of the Executive Committee