World Alliance of YMCAs

July 20, 2002

15th World Council of YMCAs, Oaxtepec, Mexico
14th-20th July, 2002

In the course of its work with the Armenian YMCA, the European Alliance of YMCAs has developed a greater understanding of the trauma experienced by the Armenian people as a result of the continued indifference by much of the world to the genocide committed against them at the beginning of the 20th century.

As a Christian youth movement, the World Alliance of YMCAs believes that failure to acknowledge the injustice of the past contributes to their repetition in the future.

With this conviction, the World Alliance of YMCAs, assembled for World Council, July 2002 in Oaxtepec, Mexico, recognizes and condemns the genocide committed against the Armenian people and appeals to all National YMCA movements to similarly recognize and condemn it.